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Scottish Set Texts offers CfENational 5 and Higher English tuition through a carefully structured and student-friendly system of notes and discussions.

Every aspect of the course is woven into a quality tuition programme that offers detailed knowledge and understanding of the poetry and prose prescribed. Unlike the traditional face-to-face tuition system, Scottish Set Texts uses an email-based tuition system. This gives students the advantage of access to a more relaxed and focussed learning process.

Traditional tuition courses price themselves by the hour. We offer our tuition under a daily cost system. The tuition currently is priced at ƒ‚£5.00 per two days. This means the student pays for two days, and has unlimited access to the tuition service then. These two days need not be successive. Depending on how students plan out their studies and daily routines, they may choose the time periods most conducive to them.

Along with the learning module, the tuition package also assists the student with all supporting tutorial materials that help them study. Membership to the forum is automatically confirmed the moment a single purchase is made.

We are continuously updating our learning base with the set authors prescribed by the SQA. At present, we offer learning units in support of the texts by Norman MacCaig, Jackie Kay, Edwin Morgan, Robin Jenkins, Iain Crichton Smith, Sorley MacLean, Carol Ann Duffy, Robert Louis Stevenson and Don Paterson. More authors will be added to the list.

Scottish Set Texts allows students to avail of a tuition process that gives them all the understanding and detailed knowledge required to succeed in the N5 and Higher exams, while making the process of learning interactive, engaging, pressure-free and time-friendly. It is important to us that students enjoy the learning and engage with it - to this extent we have taken care to design the programme to make it unique in the country vis-a-vis its learning benefits.

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If you still have some queries regarding our tuition content or process, you may take a look at our Forum section.

In case you would like additional information or clarification, please feel free to Contact Us now and we would gladly address your queries.

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