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While the notes we provide are excellent, detailed learning aids, we recognise that the process of tuition needs to be more interactive than that. Face-to-face tuition is restrictive in several aspects, for the student attempting to interact and engage.

Therefore, we have enhanced our online tuition process by adding a forum to the website. Once a student makes a single purchase, they have automatic access to the forum. The purpose of the forum is to lend support beyond the classroom to the network of students.

The forum will encourage students to discuss common themes and writer's techniques, share their analyses based on their tuition studies, discuss learning strategies and help one another. If the process of preparing for an exam allows for such healthy and enjoyable interaction, it is immediately elevated to a new level of learning.

We will initiate particular discussion that we feel are relevant to the process of becoming exam-ready. Some of these discussions will cover:

While forums can tend to be overwhelming and difficult to stay abreast of, the Scottish Set Texts forum keeps the students updated with every discussion thread. This allows them to choose for themselves whether they would like to join that particular discussion or not. But they will remain informed about the development of every new discussion, so that they need not miss out on anything.

Scottish Set Texts Coming Soon
June 11, 2017
There are a series of titles presently being worked on.
a) "Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll And Mr. Hyde." This is near completion. Like "Kidnapped" the unit includes the complete text - and references are to that copy of the text. This is aimed at National 5 and Higher. This has been a massive undertaking and we have accessed much that has been written on this work in order to complete our version. We believe that the depth and extent of the analysis exceeds anything that is already on the market - aside from specialised reseached books. We appreciate that is something of a boast, however we are extremely confident on the quality of our work.
b) The following sets are also being upgraded to meet the needs of the SQA's "Refreshed List.":-
i. Norman MacCaig; ii. Edwin Morgan ( in addition his present unit is also being upgraded ); Jackie Kay; Carol Ann Duffy and Sorley MacLean.
c) Coming shortly will be the upgrades of Iain Crichton Smith's stories as well as a major upgrade of "The Cone Gatherers" This is a unit that is in desperate need of a serious upgrade. In addition the uncompleted units on Robert Burns and Liz Lochhead will also soon be available.
d) Also coming shortly are a series of short stories by Sir Walter Scott as well as John Buchan's "The 39 Steps." These units will also contain the full text. Although neither of these are on the current SQA syllabus their quality will aimed at both National 5 as well as Higher. It is hoped they could be options for the literature essay option.
Scottish Set Texts New Web Site
November 30, -0001
Scottish Set Texts Forum is open to any member. Anyone who has registered with Scottish Set Texts can contribute to any topic and/or can create a new topic.
From March 2017 Scottish Set Texts will be upgrading its titles. We will be upgrading the titles in accordance with the  SQA's Refreshed List.
The first title is the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.This should be for sale by the first week in April 2017.
Thereafter the following titles will be upgraded:-
The Poetry on Norman MacCaig; The Poetry of Carol Ann Duffy; The Poetry of Jackie Kay; The Poetry of Edwin Morgan; The Poetry of Sorley Maclean; The Short Stories of Iain Crichton Smith; Robin Jenkins "The Cone Gatherers." It is hoped that the majority of these titles will completed by the beginning of the academic year 2017/2018.

From March 2017 Scottish Set Texts is adding a new product group to its stock: we are going to provide assistance to pupils undertaking the literary critical essay.
These support materials will be found in the English Exam Tab.
The first part - "How to Write a Successful Critical Essay" - has already been released. This volume describes a format by which to write a successful essay. Many pupils are aware of the critical essay format, but may not be quite so acquainted with what the SQA marking criteria mean and how to apply this criteria to the essay. The later part of the unit deals - in considerable detail - with what the criteria means and how it applies to both National 5 and Higher: and what is expect from a pupil's essay for it to be successful in either of these levels.

To assist in this area the follow titles - which are among the more popular titles chosen by students for their literary essays - will have detailed notes created for them :-
a) Macbeth               b) Romeo and Juliet            c) Othello               d) Hamlet
e) View from a Bridge           f) Death of a Salesman           g) All my Sons          h) The Crucible
1984                  j) Lord of the Flies              k) Of Mice and Men
In addition it is hoped to add notes on the work of two Scottish authors:-
Sir Walter Scott To begin with we will release a unit on two of his short stories.
John Buchan. To begin we will release a unit on "The 39 Steps."

It is hoped that these titles will be released in stages during the session 2017/2018