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Since the revisions to the accreditation exam system were suggested in 2013 by the Scottish Qualifications Authority, the need for a keener support system for the examinations has emerged. The National 5 and Higher exams have incorporated a wider range of literature and now run a across a range of 22 writers and 78 texts. A comprehensive learning support system was needed to guide students with the Scottish Set Texts option in the examination.

Scottish Set Texts

Scottish Set Texts was created with an eye to mastering the techniques required for handling the poetry and prose prescribed by the SQA for the N5 and Higher exams. To achieve this, we have developed a quality teaching system that helps to fine tune the skills of critical analysis and understanding of literature, while maintaining focus on the examinations.

What We Offer

Scottish Set Texts offers a set of learning notes that provide a detailed analysis of texts. Students will have access to in-depth learning through a number of units, each providing complete sets of notes on the writers and their texts. Most units will contain booklets of questions for revision, so that students can refresh their knowledge at regular intervals. We do not provide detailed answers to the revision questions in this booklets, but we provide answer hints - it is important that the student know how to approach the answer and what is the best path to it.

This year it is possible to purchase the tuition module either as a digital download or as a printversion.

Why Scottish Set Texts?

Our teaching process is object-oriented, and we have a single-minded focus on the examinations and how to train students to achieve the best results in it. Being a subjective study, however, English Literature requires the student to learn how to approach critical study and analysis. This cannot be achieved by simply studying notes unilaterally and representing those learnings en masse during the exam. There is no substitute for detailed knowledge.

Which is why Scottish Set Texts has added a Forum to it. This will be a place for discussion, reflection, cooperation and enhanced understanding. The combination of tuition material and the forum is the ideal way forward for the student. Details of the Forum are available in the Forum section.

All set for N5 and Higher

Once you sign up with us, you can be assured that we will provide you with all the sufficient material needed to tackle the N5 and Higher exams, as well as guide you on the forum on how to use the materials to hone your skills. If the prospect of the exam is at all daunting, you may rest easy knowing that we will assist you in planning your studies in an organised manner so that you may use your study time wisely.

Visit our Tuition section to understand how we extend support through our carefully crafted lessons and also check out the Forum section to see how the open discussion and learning can help you learn faster with better results.