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This site offers fully developed support materials on the Scottish Set Texts. Please click on any of the authors to view the full details of each text.

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The Scottish Set Texts include works by twenty two different authors. Please click on any of the authors to learn more about them .

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Ian Crichton Smith The Red Book Stories 2016 Version
The 2016 Update, is a major revision of the Ian Crichton Smith story set. Aside from updating and correcting the previous commentary, the set als...
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Scottish Set Texts is presently undergoing a major redevelopment

In a few weeks the new site will be launched. Many of the concerns - like sometimes not immediately receive the link to files - will be history. The site is going to offer much more than it is at present including the option to purchase high quality paper versions of units. It will also be possible to purchase class sets at a reduced rate - and much more

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Should an Email with the link to your file not immediately be sent to your Email inbox after payment has been made - then please check your Spam box. 

Some File Samples:-

Jackie Kay:

Norman MacCaig:

Robert Louis Stevenson:

Don Paterson:

Sorley MacLean:



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Please download our catalogue of present and future titles for Session 2016 - 2017.


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